Take your son to work day 

Carl had a meeting in the cities and he had the opportunity to take the little man with him. Max was a rockstar.    


Max Quote

Max: Mom, who grew you?

Me: Nana.

Max: Nana? … (Pause) Then who grew Dad?

Me: Grandma

Max: Grandma?

I think little parts of his brain exploded on our drive today.


I scored on a family movie outing on Tuesday afternoon 

I had a buy 1 get one free coupon and on there it had two free drinks. Since it was Tuesday and Carl was a rewards member, every got a free popcorn. 

So for $25, 10 people went to the movie and each had a lemonade and small popcorn. Woot! Woot!

Max thought he’d be funny. 

The Hebert ladies were able to join us too!  Great adventure!