Our friend Bob passed away last Friday. We just found out today because of not being able to get ahold of his social worker.

Bob was a man who lived a hard life, seen too many things in Vietnam and made poor life choices, but God wasn’t going to leave him there in the pit.


God is in the business of taking the worst of the worst and redeeming it for his own glory. No life is unusable or unchangeable.

We met Bob after church one Sunday last September. Honestly, I could hardly understand anything he was saying, but I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to invite him over for lunch. I can’t remember the details, but he did come. He wasn’t too excited about tatortot hotdish, but I told him at my house we don’t complain and we take “No Thank You” bites. He took one bite and said, “Hey, this isn’t half bad.” From that meal on, he was a part of the family.

He didn’t have family around so we became his family the best we could.

Carl took him to the zoo.

Coldstone Icecream


And this is the last photo we took. Carl gave him his very own study bible. He was so excited to share Jesus with other people who were in the same situation as he was.

Until we meet again in heaven.

Max and Carl

There once was a little boy who looked just like his Daddy.  




I’ve been pondering how to teach my boys how to love well. 

On Friday night, the Holy Spirit gave me the idea through an article that I was reading. 

They boys made valentines for the widows and widowers of our church. 

We also handed out a rose to each one too.  


Shhhh he’s growing

I simply can’t get enough of him sleeping. It takes everything in me not to crawl in and snuggle with him.  

  When he is awake, he loves to give me strengthening hugs.  

Why do I take you to funerals?

Dear Larsen Children,

We’ve been to two funerals in a little over a month, one for three month old Mya and another for 82 year old Glen. On the way to Glen’s funeral, one of you asked, “Why are we going to this funeral?”

My answer was simple.

We go because we celebrate life and we celebrate death when we know that they are in the arms of Jesus. We went to Glen’s funeral to honor a man that loved Jesus and loved his church. We went to Mya’s funeral to love and support her family.

I know that both of these funerals you were the few children present. I am not going to hide you from the reality of death. In Ecclesiastes it says that there is a time for everything – a time to be born and a time to die. So therefore, I am going to teach you just that.
We are going to talk about creation, fall, rescue and restoration and how Jesus is in everything. We are going to talk about heaven and how one day he will wipe away all the tears and there will be no more pain or sorrow.

We also go because I want to teach you to move towards hurting people, not away. Jesus was continually moving towards the awkward situations. He didn’t get shy and turn around. He didn’t say he was too busy. He was always moving in love.

So my dear little ones,
love well and love big!