Small Victories

I did a load of laundry today and all the socks had a match.

I don’t remember the last time that happened.  I don’t know what is so hard about throwing both socks in the laundry at the same time, but apparently the Larsen household has a very difficult time.

One small victory at a time.


Hot Chocolate date

Max scored a double parent special date tonight while the other kids were at RAD. 

Out of all my kids, I think he is the most introverted. I didn’t know Carl and I could even make an introvert. But I’ve noticed when we have a big crowd at our house, he would prefer to eat by himself or I catch him off playing by himself. He doesn’t like to be away from me. He sleeps between us whenever we give in. 

Oh Max Duane…we love you.  



Max quote

I wish I could stick a whole gallon of butter in my face! That’s how much I love it!

Day after

This is what you look like the day after your younger brother accidentally hits you in the face with the shovel.  


Unexpected Saturday

Today was going to be a “nothing” day – nothing to do, no where to go, no agenda.

We haven’t made a “best breakfast ever” in very long time. So we planned ahead and Grace was the uber baker on Friday.  Three kinds of muffins, cinnamon rolls, bread, sausage links, eggs, granola, yogurt, smoothie, orange juice and home made strawberry jelly just for Adie were the menu item.

Typical Larsen fashion, we couldn’t make such a spread without inviting people.  Jared and Victoria obviously were invited along with 4 friends of Jared.

It then turned into helping us remove our dishwasher and install the new one, playing nerf gun war and capture the flag (I let the boys play downstairs)  At one point, Carl and I looked at each other and said, “This is not what we planned for today, but it is good.”

Afternoon play turned into Tacos for dinner and coffee beverages for dessert.

Life on life.  Carl and I firmly believe that in order to make disciples that we need to live authentically in community.  That means letting people into our messy lives.  It means interrupted Saturdays, adding people to our regular activities or even special holidays. These young adults come into our home and see the good and the bad, but when they leave I pray that they know Jesus lives here. I pray our home is permeated with the sweet aroma of Jesus.

I believe we are all called to live this way. We didn’t start out this way in our marriage, but slowly the Lord has changed us, challenged us and stretched far beyond what we thought was possible.  It started with listening to that still small voice of the Holy Spirit and obeying one small thing at a time. It’s that simple. Obeying one baby step at a time.  God is sanctifying me season after season…and it is a hard good.