Unicycle at Kidstop

I am super proud of the Larsen tribe tonight.  Today they went to Kidstop with family friends and shared unicycling with about 30 kids.

Our goal is to get a unicycle club started at Talahi Elementary School here in town.  Talahi is in the poorest section of St. Cloud and it excites me to think that there could be kids who could gain a new unique skill. I am praying that there will be grant money available to provide 20 unicycles. Will you pray with me?

Here is a little video from today.

Unicycle at Kidstop from Angel Larsen on Vimeo.

Tic Tacs for Jack

Yesterday Jack was a machine with his math book.  I told him a couple of weeks ago once he finished book 1A for math that I would buy him a box of Tic Tacs.

True to my word, we were out the door this morning at 7:15 am for a run to Sams and to Walmart.

As we pulled up to Sams, he looks at me and said, “I know I can’t ask for anything, so I am going to pretend that I can get it all in my mind.”

Now that’s a kid that I like to take shopping with me.



Strengthening hugs

One of  my best friends shared how her son would give her strengthening hugs every morning to give her strength for that day.  Plus she had to store up all those hugs because one day he would be a grown man and leave the house.  (He has since grown up and married a beautiful young lady.)

Jack, my most affectionate child, has been giving me strengthening hugs almost everyday for at least two years now.

It’s one of my favorite parts of my day.

Gift of lunch at Red Robin

Today we were treated to a free lunch by Red Robin for their last training days before opening on Monday.  One our church family members told us about it and we signed up for two, four person slots.  It was a hoot, appetizers, drinks, meal and dessert.  We NEVER eat out like that. It was a blessing on a burry day like today. 




Max Quote

Two weeks ago, Telescope Media Group added a new employee, our first full time employee.

Corey sometimes leaves for lunch break, sometimes eats with us.  Yesterday he ate with us, and then went to his car for the rest of the break.

As he was coming back into the house, Max greets him and asks what he had been doing out there.

Corey told him how he went to talk to his wife.

Max wide eyed said, “You mean she stays out there all day long?”