Playing together

 I love this!  We need more snow around here! 

There’s a first for everything¬†

  I’m 36 years old and I’ve never been pulled over by a cop before, that is until tonight. 
I had a friend tell me in Menards, that my front headlight was out. When I drive 90% of my miles in the city, it’s really hard to tell if the headlight is out. I had the light on in my dash, but I thought it was for an interior bulb that was out. Plus, Carl just replaced those bulbs. Anyways, when I realized, I was being followed with light on, I knew it had to be that headlight. 

As the officer walked up the  car, Silas screams, “We’re gonna die!”


The sheriff laughed. Thank you Jesus. 

He asked me if I had a big load, which I said, “Not all of them are with me, but I do have 8 kids.” 

I told him I knew that he pulled me over because of the headlight and that this was the first time that I’ve ever been pulled over. 

It took about 7 min to run my license which feels like an eternity. He came back and said I was clear to go and to get it fixed at my convenience.



We ran out of apples at our house yesterday.

You would think we ran out of toilet paper the way some of my children are acting.

“Mom, you need to go to the store right now!”

“How could you let us run out of apples?”

“We have no good fruit around here.”

“You better pick up some green apples tomorrow.”

Holy Moly…I am going to buy 20 lbs of apples tomorrow and we will see how long that lasts…maybe we will make it through the week.


Today I took 4 kids and 3 international students ice skating at Lake George. 

3/4 of my kids had a fantastic time, but that seems the story of my life the past few months.