God’s provision

We were flagged down while driving on I-94 in North Dakota. We stopped and really had no idea what was wrong.  

 We called ahead to a small town tire repair shop to see if they could look at it. Praise Jesus that all we needed to do was buy two new tires and they could fix it immediately. This could have been so much worse.  


My first stitches

I made it 36 years without needing stitches but today was the day. 

I was carrying a sign at church and proceed to hit the bottom of it with the top of my foot. 

 Warning the next picture shows the battle wound. 99% of my friends would want to see it. I do know of only one who will now stop reading. 
Good thing I have a 12 hour car ride tomorrow to pick up the boys. 

A bunny

Carl was called over to the neighbors house to rescue a bunny out of a window well. 

Adie was giddy. 

3 days and we have to let her go.