Quick trip to Duluth

Adie and Lydia took a quick trip to Duluth with grandpa and grandma.


We filled our day

The Daddy comes home tonight – praise the Lord! 

We had a fun day with friends.  

 We toured the Stearns County History Museum.  

Ran to Coborns so Grace could finish making the most delicious peach pie ever!! I had three helpers.  

 That pie was so amazing!!  I am still licking my lips thinking I want to go sneak some more. 


I’ve been busy checking things off my “to do” list. 

My latest accomplishment…


Lemonade Stand

Silas organized a lemonade stand the past two days with the help of his siblings to raise money for Bible translators in Indonesia.  The missionaries were in church on Sunday sharing their stories. 

 They’ve raised over $43 so far. And it’s not everyday that Mr Incredible will serve you lemonade. 


Our neighbor Ann convinced us to go pick raspberries yesterday. $74 later, we left. I think the boys ate $20  worth on the way home.