Weekend adventures

I took the girls on Friday to Fort Snelling down in the cities.  The girls found out how long it actually took to do laundry hundred years ago.


On Saturday the cousins came down to surprise us and hang out at the lake. We spent the night and enjoyed an amazing Father’s Day together.

We did think it was funny that two sets of kids were dressed the same when they arrived. 


Max and Jack didn’t make it very far before they were out for the count. 


They started the day by spending the morning creating a zoo organized by climates. I was quite impressed by their resourcefulness.  


This afternoon I never expected to find them both on top of the refrigerator. When I walked into the room, Jack was lightening quick off the top and left poor Max to fend for himself. It took everything in me to not laugh. He started crying because he was guilty, guilty, guilty.  


I found out later that Jack scaled it between the wall and the refrigerator. Max stood on a chair while Jack pulled him up the rest of the way.  

Day trip to Duluth

We took the kids to Duluth for a day trip to see their cousins and ride the timber twister for the Birthday Boys!