Baseball adventure

Carl’s dad surprised our two oldest boys with a trip to the Twins game this weekend. They had amazing tickets in the Delta reserved section and got to ride in his “little red race car”.

Silas loved watching all of the stats on the players, and Titus ate and ate and ate. All 4 boys returned home with smiles, good memories, and full bellies. 


Two Staples Later

Two boys were sinning and Titus received the worse end of it. 

But we had our handy stapler and all is well. Titus even had a house call from one of our Dr. friends.  


Pool is open

And the choirs are singing because I now have a way to completely wear my children out every single day this summer. 

Jack has officially made the move to not needing a life jacket.  My life guarding skills will not be wasted this summer.