Flying and hanging with Grandpa and Grandma

It was a quiet morning when Grandpa and Grandma take five kids from the house. Lydia, Silas, and Titus went flying with Grandpa. Jack and Max played with Grandma over at her house. That left me with a sick Gracie in bed, so Adie and I snuggled and read books for the morning. It was delightful that Adie and I had special time.

Skype with Marc

The kids were able to Skype with Marc for the first time since January, when he left for PA. They all showed him their new guitar skills.  They also had a little worship guitar jam session. It was precious. 

The Hardest Peace

I’m snuggled in bed reading this book for the second time. Kara has taught me more than she’ll ever know here in earth.  Through a book and a blog, I know Jesus even more, I see more grace, and I cherish the mundane. 

You can follow her blog here: Mundane Faithfulness