Taco Tuesday

Carl took the boys to Taco Tuesday today and they loved it. Max even thanked Carl again tonight for taking him out. 

They were LOUD, LOUD, LOUD!!!  

Ranch Adventures

Silas found an elk shed.


photo 1
I don’t know if this is a photo opportunity or if Grandpa really did put them to work.
photo 2


I think they are having way too much fun!

Three kids on an adventure

Silas, Adie, and Lydia were taken on a last minute adventure with Grandpa and Grandma back to the ranch. Don’t worry they will be back tomorrow.  


Naps and brothers

Carl must have fell asleep while the boys were building a fort around him. I walked into the room and found him this way. 


Jack and Max have been best buds lately. They even called me in to take their picture. 



Cousins Sophie and Sawyer

Sophie is wearing the outfit that Adie wore almost everyday for three years. 


Max loves the baby in the house. Usually it’s Max and Ava fighting over the baby spot in the house – not this week.