This one is for my Dad

This was part of my outfit for church today. I (Angel) felt as if I lived two states to the west.


Operation Christmas Child

Every year we pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Every year while we are packing I think to myself, “This is insane, why do I do this? My boys want to play with every little toy and the toys are supposed to be brand new!” And once again, now that they are all packed and mostly ready to go, I am glad that we did this adventure.
After struggling for awhile, I sent all the boys away. One by one I let them come up and pack a box. One thousand times better! Why did I not think of this sooner?

I am treasuring the little moments of tonight with each of the kids!



My little Lydia repacked her box about 4 times, each time getting more items in! She is a pro at space relations!