Eating machines

I (Carl) took Jack and Max on a special date yesterday and they nearly finished off a pizza by themselves. Then they washed it down with some Starbucks.

We’re in for some serious grocery bills for the next several years.





Silas quote

“When I am the babysitter, I am going to make all the rules.  ‘Like, you don’t have to eat all your food.’ Oh wait, I don’t want to babysit because that would be boring.”

Lydia Quote

Me: “Yay – your done with math. You can check it off your list.”

Lydia: “Math is so far off my list. It just fell off.”

That is how much my sweet Lydia “loves” math. I am praying I can get her through consumer math by the time she leaves the house. I have a very strong feeling that Calculus will not be on her transcript. Who knows maybe when math becomes all letters again, maybe she will like it.