Life’s funny moments

You know these two giggle and laugh pretty much all time. The other moments they are on top of each other duking it out.


Father daughter Round-up

Carl took the girls last evening to a father daughter round-up. They were smiles and giggles.


Carl did win “best dressed daddy” of the evening.






Meeting people at the park

Tonight we  took the kids park.  We even swung by a friend’s house and picked up two more.

Yes we look like the circus when everyone emerges from the van.  (Can you hear the music in your head?)

We met a couple at the park with two adorable little girls and did the parents small talk.

Well, they turned out to be really neat, as in interesting, funny etc.

Towards the end of our conversation I said, “Hey would you guys ever want to come over for dinner?  I know we are little weird and crazy, but I am sure you could have figured that out already.”

“Sure that would cool. (Pause….) Wait you guys don’t sell Amway, do you?”

(Me – mouth drop, start laughing) “No way man!  I might talk to you about Jesus, but not Amway.”

They went on to tell us about two different instances where they met people at the park, thought they were cool until they slyly given the Amway gig!

To make the story funnier, I went on FB and befriended the wife and she told me as they were leaving they actually met one of the guys who tried to sell them Amway.

Cracks me up!

2 items checked off bucket list

We stopped at St. Johns to check out the sculpture.



I know this one is a little blurry but it proves that we went to the apple orchard.


They also had a little petting zoo which was also on the bucket list.


Going in the rain just gave it a little extra bang for the morning. What’s not to love about puddle jumping and eating apples?